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It is Cheaper (and ever will be)
• LPG is around half the price of petrol
• The Government has a long-term commitment to LPG
• LPG-powered cars qualify for various tax discounts
• You can save on insurance
• The LPG conversion pays for itself near the first 10000 miles
It is Greener and less health-harming
• 20% less carbon dioxide (CO2) compared with petrol.
• Compared with diesel, 20 times less nitrogen oxides (NOx)
• Particulates produced by LPG vehicle are 120 times less than diesel
• No risk of ground or water contamination
It is Better and Safe
• LGP burns smoothly, cleaner and more efficiently
• It causes less wear and extends the engine's life
• Fewer oil and filter replacements
• LPG tanks are safer than petrol and can survive far greater impact
• Safety valves shut-off the supply if pipes are damaged