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I have converted my Range Rover Vogue with Alternative Fuel Co and can say that they provide excellent service, reliable advice at affordable price and the most important of all... fun to deal with.

Mr Reza Payma
Linkonect Ltd

Alternative Fuel Co installed LPG system on my Range Rover five years ago. I have nothing but praise for the services rendered during and after the installation.

Mr. Rudolph Walker

I had both my cars fitted with LPG by Alternative Fuel Co. This was probably my best investment since the fuel price hikes started in 2004. Both my Audis S8 and A6 drive perfectly and I saved tonnes on money and CO2 emissions. People were laughing when I told them that I am converting my S8 into LPG but not for long after they saw my fuel bill.

Mr. Nick Kostadinov

The first car Toyota Previa I converted with Alternative Fuel Co in 2004 is still working perfectly, the second car Toyota Avensis was converted in 2005 and since conversion I have done 80 K without problem and still using both of them. I have recommended this company to many of my friends and six of them have had conversion done on BMW X5, Lexus RX300, Porsche Cayenne and few Previas all running fine.

Tariq Jalil

I have converted three cars with Alternative Fuel Co, two Dodge Rams and Mercedes V230 and have done hundreds thousands miles since and can say that it was one of my best investments which saved me lots of money on fuel as I have shows all over UK and travel all time. The service provided from this company was and still is best ever.