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Welcome to Alternative Fuel Company

Alternative Fuel Company is a London Essex based LPG conversion specialist with more than 10 years of experience. We are UKLPGA approved autogas converter, meaning that you can be confident that you'll get high quality LPG conversion service, one of the best LPG systems on the market, warranty and post-sale services.

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LPG Repairs and LPG Servicing

Repairs for LPG Cars

Specialists in lpg repairs, 95% of our repairs are on other companies installations.

We have the equipment and knowledge to quickly diagnose any fault and have you system up and running.

All repairs comes with warranty - There has not been a system we have not diagnosed and repaired the fault.

Servicing LPG Systems

Its important to ensure your gas system is serviced regularly. Clogged injectors, worn injectors, dirty filters can all cause your system not to perform the way it was designed. We provide affordable servicing just get a quote today.


  • LPG is cheaper (and ever will be)
  • LPG is greener and less health-harming
  • LPG is better and safe
  • LPG is 50% cheaper than petrol
  • LPG cars qualify for various tax discounts
  • LPG is better for your engine
  • Easy to convert all cars
  • Save 50% on fuel bills
  • For Complete Guaranteed Conversion

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